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Driver FAQ

Q: Why do I want to be an independent transportation driver with Movin Kidz?

A: Do you like to be your own boss? Do you like to have control of your own schedule? Do you want the opportunity to make full-time money for part-time work? Do you like to drive? if you answered yes to these questions, then we believe you will want to become an independent transportation driver and work with Movin Kidz!

Q: What does Movin Kidz do?

A: Movin Kidz coordinates with a national transportation company and the local school districts in the areas we serve to provide resources for the transportation needs of their students. It requires driving your personal vehicle to a students residence and transporting them to school in the AM, and then from their school back to their residence in the PM for each school day. We are able to do this with independent transportation drivers, such as you. Movin Kidz does not provide transportation, does not provide vehicles, and Movin Kidz does not employ any drivers.

Q: What is my relationship with Movin Kidz?

A: All transportation drivers who work with Movin Kidz have entered into a business agreement. You will be an independent contractor who has a direct business relationship with Movin Kidz, As a transportation driver, you are not an employee of Movin Kidz. If you are currently providing and are properly licensed to provide passenger transportation as an independent contractor, then you may be eligible to enter into an independent contractor arrangement with Movin Kidz. If you own a clean working vehicle, have a clean background and driving record, then you may be eligible to enter into an independent contractor arrangement with Movin Kidz. 

Q: What does it mean to be an independent contractor of Movin Kidz?

A: Independent contractors are legally defined as a business that is contracted to work with Movin Kidz. An independent contractor of Movin Kidz is NOT an employee of Movin Kidz. Independent Contractor is a technical legal term. However, in essence, it means that you are a self-employed business person working independently from Movin Kidz. As a self-employed independent contractor/business person, you are not a Movin Kidz employee and you are not controlled or directed by Movin Kidz. You are free to operate your business however you see fit within the bounds of the law and requirements of the clients that you choose to service. You can elect to do business with Movin Kidz as often or as little as you like, it is entirely up to you. You keep all of the proceeds as agreed to at the time of the service offer for the trips that you elect to service but you will also be responsible for the costs and risk of owning your own business. The exact terms of your independent contractor relationship with Movin Kidz will be contained in your agreement with Movin Kidz and you are encouraged to read that agreement very carefully and ask any questions that you may have before you make the decision of whether you want to do business with Movin Kidz.

Q: How much business can I expect to receive through Movin Kidz:

A: Movin Kidz does not have control over the volume of trips available, and many factors can influence how many of the available trips are available to you. It is impossible to predict the volume of business that will be available at any given time. Therefore it is important for you to understand and consider Movin Kidz as a source of potential business and income for you. Movin Kidz does not guarantee that you will receive any business at all. You should not assume that Movin Kidz will be your sole business or income source.

Q: How am I compensated for the services I provide for Movin Kidz?

A: Each time a trip is offered to you, you will be told the value of that trip. When you receive a service offer through Movin Kidz you will know the monetary value for that trip. All trips offer a minimum payment of $30, it can be higher depending on the type of trip that is offered. As a service to you, Movin Kidz collects fees for trips from its clients and then distributes payments. 

Q: How often will I receive payment for the transportation services I provide?

A: Movin Kidz distributes payment to transportation drivers weekly, each Friday through Automatic Deposit after it collects payment from its clients. 

Q: How much can I earn servicing trips through Movin Kidz?

A: The amount you earn will vary greatly depending on various factors. As indicated above it is impossible to predict the volume of business opportunities that may be available to you through Movin Kidz. Additionally, Movin Kidz contracts with numerous transportation drivers and diverse clients, each with unique and specific pricing agreements. Each trip offered to you will state the pickup city and addresses of the trip, mileage of the trip, pickup and drop-off times of the trip and the payment amount for successful completion of the trip (Guaranteed minimum of $30 per trip). When a trip is offered to you, it is entirely up to you to make the business decision of whether to accept or reject the service offer.

Q: Do I need to invoice Movin Kidz to get paid?

A: No. As a service to you, Movin Kidz collects fees for trips from its clients and then distributes payments to its transportation drivers.


Q: How can I learn more about entering into a business relationship with Movin Kidz?

A: Please click on the location nearest to where you live and follow the step by step instructions provided on our easy-to-use website, or email us at to answer any further questions you may have about becoming an independent contractor. 

Q: Why do I need to make a financial investment to get started?

A: The clients we work with have stringent standards and guidelines in order to protect the students we serve each day. These requirements include a fingerprint background check with either the local school district and/or law enforcement. A drug test with an independent drug consortium provider and laboratory. A Passenger Safety and Service tutorial and exam. A vehicle inspection from a certified mechanic. And depending on where you live, additional requirements may be needed including but not limited to CPR certification. All of these items charge various fees to provide these services. Movin Kidz does not have any association or say so with any of these requirements or fees that are charged in completing these requirements. Further, Movin Kidz collects no portion of any fees associated with the completion of these requirements, Additionally, Movin Kidz has no say or influence as to whether you will pass, clear or be certified by any of these independent organizations.  

Q: How long does it take to start driving?

A: There is no set time. This can vary greatly depending on how quickly you complete all of the required steps, tasks and documents. On average, drivers can be offered service trips and be driving within about 2-3 weeks from the day they submit their application. Reminder, as an independent contractor, how quickly you complete everything is up to you. Additionally, ask yourself a few questions such as; do I have a clean background? Do I have a clean driving history? Can I pass a drug test? Is my vehicle suitable for transporting others? Am I available Monday-Friday during the school year for an hour or so in the morning and the afternoon? Do I like to drive? These are the few questions to ask yourself before making a financial Investment. 


Q: What insurance limits will I need to obtain and maintain to operate my business?

A: You will need limits of at least 150/150/50K Split limit, 150,000 combined single limit, by a company with a rating of B or better and no livery exclusion. If the state that you live in requires more, than you must meet your state minimum. As an additional service to you, Movin Kidz provides extra insurance for you while you are servicing an agreed upon trip. However, this extra insurance coverage is only provided during the course of each specific trip, and not at any other time of the day.


Q: What kind of equipment will I need in order to receive and fulfill service offers through Movin Kidz?

A: A properly licensed and insured vehicle and an Android or iOS device with a data plan are the only two pieces of equipment needed to start acquiring business opportunities through Movin Kidz. As part of your business expenses, you are responsible for purchasing your own device and for the monthly data plan. Currently, transportation drivers use vehicles ranging from a fuel-efficient Prius to a minivan. The Android/iOS device and free provider app are needed to receive a service offer.

Q: Which Android devices are compatible with the free app?

A: The provider app works on most Android devices running version 4.1 or later of the OS, and all iOS devices running version 7.1 or higher.

Q: Does the ALC app cost anything and if so, how much?

A: No, the app is free.

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