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The safety of the children we serve is our number one priority.

In order to qualify as an approved driver for Movin Kidz, you'll need to follow a few simple steps and fill out a couple of our driver certification forms. Don't worry, it's easy and you'll be driving as soon as possible!

Movin Kidz Driver Certification



Certification Packet

Complete Your Movin Kidz Driver Certification Packet. (Click Here)

Fill out and submit our all-in-one, online Driver Certification Packet:

  • Movin Kidz Independent Contractor Agreement form

  • Service Provider Driver Registration form

  • Acknowledgment and Agreement form

  • Background Checks and Drug Test forms*

  • Form I-9, and W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)


Mechanical Inspection

Download & Print Mechanical Inspection Certification Form. (Click Here)

Have your vehicle inspected by an ASE Certified Mechanic and have them complete the printed Mechanical Inspection Certification form (approx. $40).


Driver Certification Files

Upload Your Driver Certification Files. (Click Here)

Provide a scanned copy or picture of all 9 items listed below in one upload.

  1. Your Social Security Card

  2. Your valid driver's license

  3. Your vehicle's registration

  4. Proof of insurance

  5. Your vehicle's license plate

  6. Your vehicle's VIN #

  7. Your vehicle

  8. Completed, signed, and approved Mechanical Certification form (from Step 2)

  9. Completed certificate from online PASS exam (Passenger Service and Safety) (from Step 4)


Final Steps

Download Checklist for Detailed Instructions. (Click Here)

(The following steps may require your financial investment.)

  • Schedule a fingerprint/background check with ORANGE COUNTY. (approx. $95)

  • Schedule a Drug Test. (approx. $50)

  • Complete online PASS exam (Passenger Service and Safety). (approx. $15)​​​

  • Download the App to your Smartphone.

    • Android Phone (OS version 4.0 or higher) or iPhone (5s or newer)

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