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(Phoenix and Tuscon)

The safety of the children we serve is our number one priority.

In order to qualify as an approved driver for Movin Kidz, you'll need to follow a few simple steps and fill out a couple of our driver certification forms. Don't worry, it's easy and you'll be driving as soon as possible!

Movin Kidz Driver Certification


Certification Packet

Complete Your Movin Kidz Driver Certification Packet. (Click Here)

Fill out and submit our all-in-one, online Driver Certification Packet:

  • Movin Kidz Independent Contractor Agreement form

  • Service Provider Driver Registration form

  • Acknowledgment and Agreement form

  • Background Checks and Drug Test forms*

  • Form I-9, and W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)
    1. Consumer/Investigation Report: Notice, Disclosure, and Authorization to Obtain Consumer/Investigation Reports form,
    2. Consumer/Investigation Reports: Release of Liability form, 3. (BGC)
     Required Fields for Contract Drivers form, 4. Consent and Direction to Release Drug and Alcohol Testing Information form


Mechanical Inspection

Download & Print Mechanical Inspection Certification Form. (Click Here)

Have your vehicle inspected by an ASE Certified Mechanic and have them complete the printed Mechanical Inspection Certification form (approx. $40).


Driver Certification Files

Upload Your Driver Certification Files. (Click Here)

Provide a scanned copy or picture of all 9 items listed below.

  1. Your Social Security Card

  2. Your valid driver's license

  3. Your vehicle's registration

  4. Proof of insurance

  5. Completed, signed, and approved Type 10 Vehicle Safety Inspection form (from Step 2)

  6. Completed certificate from Online Defensive Driving Course (from Step 4)

  7. Completed certificate from online PASS exam (Passenger Service and Safety) (from Step 4)

  8. Copy of First Aid/CPR Certificate (from Step 4)

  9. Copy of completed D.O.T. Physical (from Step 4)


Final Steps

(Some of the companies in the following steps will require a fee for their services.)

  • SCHEDULE Drug Test (approx. $50)

    • Call Test on Time at 310-310-1088 to schedule an appointment (Ask for Julian).

      • Time and location will be provided to you.

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for online First Aid/CPR Certificate. (approx. $15)

  • SCHEDULE a fingerprint/background check with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) (IVP stands for Identity Verified Prints) (approx. $67), Phone: 602-232-2279

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment, please follow these simple instructions (approx. $12.50, and takes an estimated 10 minutes to complete.)

  1. To register and schedule your fingerprint appointment (Click Here)

  2. Click the Apply for a Card tab and then select Online Application (Click Okay on Pop-Up Message informing you that you'll be redirected to the Arizona Department of Public Safety site.)

  3. On the Arizona Department of Public Safety site, click REGISTER in the Apply for a background check section.

  4. Click Apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card

  5. Click New Application

  6. Read the Privacy Act Statement and then click the "I have read and accept these terms" box, and then click CONTINUE.

  7. Under the IDENTITY VERIFIED PRINTS (IVP) APPLICATIONS section, select the third option in the list ARS 15-512 (Public and/or Charter School Contractor, Subcontractor, or Vendor and their Employees), then click the PROCEED TO APPLICATION button.

  8. Complete the following form and then click CONTINUE.

  9. Follow additional instructions to complete your registration.


Note: For an IVP PAPER APPLICATION, the statutes on the application require the submission of “Identity Verified Prints” (IVP) pursuant to ARS § 15-106 (link is external) which reads in part:

…The law enforcement agency, school district, charter school or other entity shall verify the identity of the applicant through recognized means of photographic identification and a comparison of the demographic information on the photographic identification against the demographic information on the application form and the fingerprint card. The authorized person taking the fingerprints shall enter on the application form a description of the photographic identification presented by the applicant. The law enforcement agency, school district, charter school or other entity shall place the completed fingerprint card, the completed application form or any other form required by the department of public safety and the fee provided by the applicant in the postage prepaid envelope provided by the department of public safety and mail it to the fingerprinting division in the department of public safety…

*This means the technician taking the fingerprints must not break the chain of custody by giving the fingerprints back to the applicant, but must mail the fingerprint card directly to DPS, along with the application and fee, in the provided blue DPS return envelope.

  • SCHEDULE A D.O.T. Physical (approx. $35), Phone: 623-936-5678

    • ​Register with The Accident Doctor Chiropractic Clinics, PLLC by clicking the link below:

    • (Or, you can also get your D.O.T. Physical from any hospital or clinic)

  • Download the App to your Smartphone.

    • Android Phone (OS version 4.0 or higher) or iPhone (5s or newer)

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