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The safety of the children we serve is our number one priority.

In order to qualify as an approved driver for Movin Kidz, you'll need to follow a few simple steps and fill out a couple of our driver certification forms. Don't worry, it's easy and you'll be driving as soon as possible!

Movin Kidz Driver Certification


Certification Packet

Complete Your Movin Kidz Driver Certification Packet. (Click Here)

Fill out and submit our all-in-one, online Driver Certification Packet:

  • Movin Kidz Independent Contractor Agreement form

  • Service Provider Driver Registration form

  • Acknowledgment and Agreement form

  • Background Checks and Drug Test forms*

  • Form I-9, and W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)
    1. Consumer/Investigation Report: Notice, Disclosure, and Authorization to Obtain Consumer/Investigation Reports form,
    2. Consumer/Investigation Reports: Release of Liability form, 3. (BGC)
     Required Fields for Contract Drivers form, 4. Consent and Direction to Release Drug and Alcohol Testing Information form


Mechanical Inspection

Schedule Type 10 Vehicle Safety Inspection.

To schedule your safety inspection, contact Juan Gonzales at 503-251-3865, or Pete Helfand at 360-306-1321. (approx. $75)


Driver Certification Files

Upload Your Driver Certification Files. (Click Here)

Provide a scanned copy or picture of all 8 items listed below.

  1. Your Social Security Card

  2. Your valid driver's license

  3. Your vehicle's registration

  4. Proof of insurance

  5. Completed, signed, and approved Type 10 Vehicle Safety Inspection form (from Step 2)

  6. Completed certificate from Online Defensive Driving Course (from Step 4)

  7. Completed certificate from online PASS exam (Passenger Service and Safety) (from Step 4)

  8. Copy of First Aid/CPR Certificate (from Step 4)


Final Steps

(Some of the companies in the following steps will require a fee for their services.)

  • SCHEDULE Drug Test (approx. $50)

    • Call Test on Time at 310-310-1088 to schedule an appointment (Ask for Julian).

      • Time and location will be provided to you.


  • SCHEDULE a fingerprint/background check with PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOL (PPS)

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment, please follow these simple instructions (approx. $12.50, and takes an estimated 10 minutes to complete.)

  1. Visit to register and schedule your fingerprint appointment.

  2. Click on the purple “SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT” button.

  3. Enter an e-mail address under “NEW USERS/SIGN UP” and click the “SIGN UP” button. Follow the instructions for creating a password and security question and then click “SIGN UP AND CONTINUE” 

  4. Enter the FieldPrint Code: FPPORTLANDSD1J and then click "CONTINUE"

  5. Enter your personal information and then click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"

  6. Enter additional personal information and then click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"

  7. Click the dropdown button under "Employee of" and select "CONTRACTOR" then under "Position Applying for" type in "DRIVER" and then click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"

  8. Read eConsent Waiver, click "I Agree", then read State Required Disclosure (click the "I Agree" checkbox), enter your name and date, then click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"

  9. Read the disclosure, click the "I Agree" checkbox, and then click "CONTINUE"

  10. Read FBI Privacy Statement, click the "I Agree" checkbox, and then click "CONTINUE"

  11. Read the disclosure, click the "I Understand" checkbox, answer the two questions, click the "I Agree Under Penalty of Law" checkbox, type your name and date, and then click "SAVE AND CONTINUE"

  12. Please confirm your address and click the "FIND" button, select the 501 N Dixon location, click the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT button, select date, click the GET AVAILABLE TIMES button, select a time from the morning or afternoon drop-down option, then click the SCHEDULE button, then click "CONTINUE"

  13. Complete payment information as prompted

  14. If you have questions, contact Security Services at 503-916-3000 

  • SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT for Portland Public Schools Student Transportation Department,
    Phone: 206-550-4094, ask for Corbett.

    (NOTE: This appointment can take up to 4 hours—plan accordingly. BRING THE CAR YOU INTEND TO USE.)

    For further instructions (Click Here)


Class Location
917 NE Marin Drive
Portland, OR 97211

Bring ALL items listed below in RED to your appointment:

  • Criminal History Verification for Portland Public Schools. (Click Here)
    (NOTE: The above form MUST be printed on any GREEN colored paper, then filled out.)

  • A copy of your First Aid CPR Certificate

  • A copy of your Type 10 Vehicle Safety Inspection form

  • Your valid Drivers License 

  • Your Vehicle Registration, and Proof of Insurance.

  • If you have a Washington driver’s license or any other state you'll need to bring a current copy of your driving record for the last 3 years. If you had a license in another Country within the last 3 years, you'll need to bring a copy of your driving record for that country to class.

  • Download the App to your Smartphone.

    • Android Phone (OS version 4.0 or higher) or iPhone (5s or newer)

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